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Low cost OLED module interface

Here are the technical specifications:

  • OLED resolution: 96 x 64 pixels
  • OLED manufacturer: OSRAM.
  • OLED model: Pictiva 1.1 inch OS096064PN11MY0B10 (San Diego.)
  • On-board lcd controller SSD1303, with 31 pins connector, can be soldered directly.
  • Low power operation (less than 15-25mA @3V, depending on contrast/brightness setting)
  • Fast serial interface (only 8 wires needed)
  • Molex miniature connector.
  • OLED: dimensions: 34 x 24 mm (without flexible ribbon)
  • PCB interface: Dimensions: 29 x 22 mm


This OLED modules can be bought in our online shop. You'll need the interface described below and a PIC microcontroller to get the OLED  module running.

Here's a short movie showing a working module (flickering is due to the camera and the movie's software compression.)



PIC example Source code (CCS C) , pcb layout and schematics (Eagle) available.  Last update: March 24, 2007.

Interface: Schematic & PCB: (right click & "save as" to get full resolution)


Interface: Main Connections:

OLED example

Header pinouts


MOLEX 53047-0810 header

OLED module,

serial interface


software example

1 +3V0    
2 !CS   RD5
3 !RES   RD4
4 !D/C   RD1
5 D0   RD3
6 GND    
7 no connection    
8 D1   RD2

PIC software example: routines

ccs routine example explanation
OLED initialization oled_init(); init parameters needed after power on
Clear screen oled_clear_screen(); resets all pixels, needed after power on
Cursor position set oled_gotoxy(0,5); goto cursur location x= 0..96 PIXEL COLUMNS // y= 0..7 CHAR. ROWS
Write text to OLED printf(oled_printchar," DisplayTech LCD"); show simple unformatted text


Downloads: right-click & save as

  WARNING: may not be duplicated for any commercial use whatsoever without explicit consent from the author (c) Michel Bavin, TechDesign Electronics.


 Interface: Eagle PCB layout: 043 - 004.brd  - March 24, 2007.

 Interface: Eagle Schematics: 043 - 004.sch  - March 24, 2007.


 PIC CCS example: source code: 043_v02.zip for 18f452 @ 20MhZ - March 24, 2007.

 PIC CCS example:Hex file: 043_v02.hex for 18f452 @ 20MhZ - March 24, 2007.


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Info & datasheet:

 Osram Pictiva 1.1 inch OS096064PN11MY0B10 (San Diego.)
(no backlight needed) 96x64 pixels with integrated controller SSD1303.



Interface PCB


Check out our development tools page.

The PIC code was made with the PCWH CCS compiler ($425,-); you can install Microchip's MPLAB IDE (click on the link and you can get it for free) with it to get things running smoothly.

Bootloading of the PIC18F452 can be done with the excellent Tiny PIC bootloader, through RS232.

Eagle 4.11e was used for the schematic & PCB layout. 

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