Bike LED Light

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Front view.


Enhanced security Bike LED Light.




  • Adds movement detection and visual effects to enhance visibility to motorists.
  • 3 LEDs flash simultanuously in normal mode.
  • Various light effects when a small movement or direction change is detected.
  • All 3 LEDs light up for 1,5 sec when braking occurs.
  • Low power operation with two AAA (HR3) 1V2 Ni-Mh or regular 1V5 batteries.
  • Power input range is +2.0V ... +3.6V, 15 mA flashing, 25 mA braking (all LEDs ON) and only 3ľA when OFF.
  • Runs on a PIC18F25K20 at 8 MhZ.
  • ON/OFF button (short press.)
  • Available as front/white or back/red light.






 Module Software Updated on Dec. 15, 2011.

Circuit explanation / Getting started:


PIC18F25k20   The 18F25k20 offers high speed and low power operation. Well suited for a portable application such as this one.
MMA7331   Analog 3-axis accelerometer.
LEDs   3 high-efficiency LEDs for maximum visibility.


front view, cover removed


bare PCB - populated top and backside




Check out our development tools page.

The PIC code was made with the PCWH CCS compiler ($500,-); you can install Microchip's MPLAB IDE (click on the link and you can get it for free) with it to get things running smoothly.

Programming of the PIC was done with a GTP-USB+ hardware programmer along with the WinPic800 software.

Eagle 4.11e was used for the schematic & PCB layout. 

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