DAB Module DAB1-AD


DAB+ Module (updated Aug. 2020)

With module Keystone T2-L4A-8650C. Full reception of DAB band 3 (174-240MhZ.) Both DAB and DAB+ are supported. Up to 100 DAB/DAB+ presets.

Full technical specs and user guide: view here.




  • Stand-alone board with user buttons.
  • Optical S/PDIF audio out for best audio performance + analog line out.
  • FM band support.
  • indoor/outdoor F-type antenna input.
  • Optional LCD Module and box available.
  • Serial command of the module (updated Oct. 2014.)


Optional LCD Module screenshot.


Bare PCB.




Price: €120,00
Weight: 55 g
Dimensions: 83 mm × 57 mm × 24 mm