FM RDS tuner

A good quality FM tuner chip is hard to find nowadays!

Previous used chips for portable applications include TDA7021, TEA5768, Si4731. These are not well for suited high-end solutions.

What we can offer is a solution with the NXP TEF6901 chip as demonstrated in this FM RDS module.


  • Fully integrated stereo decoder.
  • FM weak signal processing.
  • Integrated RDS/RBDS radio data demodulator.
  • Sequential state machine supporting each tuning action.
  • On-board +8V5 voltage regulator.
  • Flexible audio input source selection.
  • Volume, balance, fader and input gain control.
  • Main tuner source code (CCS C) available.
  • All parts available at our shop.
  • PCB size = 61,4 x 57,3 mm


This functionality can be added to other designs, along with MP3 decoding and LCD/OLED/touchpanel capabilities.



FM radio touchpanel (custom project): pcb overview with dual SRAM TFT memory.