Air Quality Module IAQ-BT


Indoor Air Q Module (updated Feb. 2021)

Quickly review current air quality with a top listed IAQ scale.

Bluetooth LE enabled low-power sensing of TVOC and air quality, with E-ink display.

Full technical specs and user guide: view here.


  • Reading of TVOC (total volatile organic comounds); EtOH, and eCO2 levels.
  • Free Bluetooth Andoid App included, with auto update of data enabled.
  • Battery operated from +2,3...+3V, especially designed for rechargeable NiMh battery types.



Boxed Air Q Module, top removed.



Android App screenshot, Air Q Module connected through Bluetooth 5.




Price: €95,00
Weight: 25 g
Dimensions: 67 mm × 78.2 mm × 10 mm