OLED, TFT, LCD, Touchpad interfacing.

Most user application need some sort of display and user interaction through buttons and a touchpanel.

Many possibilities, varying on the requirements:

  • LCD character displays: for low cost, general puposes.
  • LCD graphical: when more detailed visuals are needed.
  • OLED: for small high-end portable applications.
  • TFT (color LCD): when larger displays are required.


TFT with touchpanel: custom project; TFT screenshot.

The TFT example above is working with PAL/NTSC or RGB data (which we used.) External memory is needed to retain and update data. Dual fast SRAM was used for this purpose: whilst touching the display, memory 2 is activated and memory 1 is updated.

TFT with touchpanel; pcb overview.