EcoSense AirQ-01: Air Quality Display & Alert

EcoSense range: Gas Sensor board

AirQ-01: Indoor Air Quality meter with trend, visual and audible alerts and touchscreen control.

Measures: Temperature, Relative Humidity, (Particulate Matter: not shown). Gasses: Methane, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Ozone.


Prototype 2:Touchscreen readout


  • Temperature: sensor SHT21: range -40..+80°C, accuracy at 25°C: typ. ±0,3°C.
  • Relative Humidity: sensor SHT21: range 0..80% RH, accuracy at 25°C: typ. ±2% RH.
  • PM (Particulate Matter/Dust:) sensor module: DSM501; detects particles of >=1µm and >=2,5µm: range: 0 .. 1,4 mg/m³.
  • Gas sensors:
    • CH4 (methane) with a MQ-5 sensor for LPG, CH4, H2: 200-10000 ppm.
    • CO (Carbon monoxide) with a MQ-7 sensor for CO, H2: 20-2000 ppm.
    • CO2 (Carbon dioxide) with a MG-811 sensor: 350-10000 ppm.
    • O3 (Ozone) with a MQ-131 sensor for O3, CL2, NOx: 10 ppb - 2 ppm.


Currently finishing the prototyping stages and calibration (March-April 2015.) This new product will be available from May-June 2015.