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Essential when experimenting with PIC.

Programs PIC16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx series (8, 18, 28 and 40 pins)

  • 16F84A, 16F877A, 18F452 (DIL and PLCC) tested successfully with the IC-Prog software.

  • 18F4550 (DIL) works fine with the PICPgm programmer software.

Also programs EEPROMs (8 pins) type 24LCxx with the IC-Prog software.

Follow the software configuration steps below to insure correct functioning..

Schematic and PCB (Eagle) available for download. This page was last updated on August 24, 2005.

Schematic: right-click & "save picture as" for full resolution or download the eagle-file below.

Parts List & Main Connections:

 Here's the Parts List.



SUB-D connector pin

D0 2
D1 3
D2 4
D3 5
D4 6
D5 7
ACK 10
GND 18 to 25
  8 pin EEPROM 8 pin PIC 18 pin PIC 28 pin PIC 40 pin PIC
DATA 5 7 13 28 40
CLK 6 6 12 27 39
GND 1,2,3,4,7 8 5 8,19 12,31
+Vdd 8 1 14 20 11,32
+Vpp no connection 4 4 1



PIC and EEPROM programming can be done with IC-Prog through the printer port (RS232).

Make sure you have these settings in IC-Prog:



The PICPgm programmer software needs no settings. It even auto-detects the PIC!



Check out our development tools page.

When working with a 16F877,  18F452, 18F2550 or a 18F4550, prototype programming with a bootloader can be done with the excellent Tiny PIC bootloader, through the RC6 & RC7 pins. But, you will need this PIC programmer to write the PIC the first time with... there are some bootloader HEX-files available below.

Eagle 4.11e was used for the schematic & PCB layout. 

PLCC is also possible! Just build a small adapter-pcb with a 44-pins PLCC-socket and a 40-pins DIL output... only 5 wires are needed!

Downloads: right-click & "save as"



Schematic: 004_v2.sch (Eagle 4.11e), November 12, 2004.

  PCB: 004_v2.brd (Eagle 4.11e), November 12, 2004.
  Tiny PIC bootloader:
  • HEX for a 18F452 at 4MhZ in XT mode (to be programmed with the PIC programmer. From then on, the bootloader can be used.)
  • HEX for a 18F452 at 20MhZ in HS mode (id.)
  • HEX for a 18F2550 or 18F4550 at 20MhZ in HS mode (id.)


PCB Screenshot:



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