ModBus TCP

ModBus TCP data transfer.

  • Data exchange over existing network.
  • Stable PIC32 integration, ModBus Server/Client roles supported.
  • Full read-write control of custom coils and registers.
  • Network settings via secured webform.
  • Scada environment support.
  • Usage examples:
    • i/o data exchange of various parameters.
    • remote alarms and loggers.
    • remote app control.


IR Remote Control

Infrared remote control, custom circuits.

  • Support of all known formats: RC5, SIRCS, JAPAN, etc...
  • Custom IR transmitter and receiver specs are possible.
  • Low-power TX guaranteed.
  • 36-40 kHz carrier compliance.
  • Usage examples:
    • replacement of existing remote control(s) (proactive or in case of unavailability.)
    • low cost automation & control.
    • multiple remotes into one.


FaceCAM Apps

Face detection Module: Apps.

  • Gender & Age Estimation.
  • Gaze & Expression/Mood Estimation.
  • Usage examples:
    • For Adaptive Billboards: e.g. commercial is selected, according to the people present in a shop.
    • Automated Information Desks, monitoring of restricted access areas.