MP3 decoding

Mp3 decoding ranges from using VLSI chip VS1053 and the latest VS1063 along with a FAT32 filesystem on a micro SDHC card, up to the use of a dedicated USB-host chip like the Rohm BU9458.

If sound quality really is an issue; then consider using a professional setup with dedicated hardware decoders, controlled by a µcontroller or DSP.

Here's an example project with a VS1053 chip.

Our Webradio board WR1-AD uses the VS1063 as audio stream decoder.


  • VS1053 SPI datastream MP3 decoder.
  • Supports Ogg-Vorbis decoding.
  • Stereo earphone driver.
  • BU9458 USB-host MP3 decoder.
  • USB 2.0 full speed host.
  • SD Card interface.
  • Supports MP3 and WMA decoding.
  • ID3 tag analysis.


Custom FM tuner with MP3 USB-host and TFT touchscreen controller.