WebRadio Module WR1-AD


Internet audio board (updated Aug. 2020)

Module for stand-alone playback of online mp3 audio streams. 

Fully assembled and tested PCB, LCD and box available separately. 

View the user guide here.



  • Play your favourite online mp3 streams and podcasts. Store your favourites and play them right away without pc or tablet.
  • Works as stand-alone audio board or module. Dimensions: 83 x 57 mm.
  • MP3 and AAC/AAC+/ADTS (MPEG-4) streams up to 192 kBpS supported. Stores up to 50 presets.
  • Integrated DHCP client (gets IP-address from router automatically) or fixed IP.
  • High quality optical S/PDIF out, line out and headphone connector.
  • Best sound experience with dedicated audio decoder VLSI VS1063.
  • Presets, settings, volume and equalizer control GUI through webpage hosted by the module.
  • Presets up/down with user buttons for stand-alone usage.
  • Preset selection and volume control through RS232 command interface for audio module mode.
  • Decodes station and artist info where available.
  • No software or drivers needed.
  • Optional LCD with station info.
  • Fitting housing box blue or black available.


Web Radio directories and listings:


Web Interface / GUI screenshots:




Open housing pictures:


Price: €125,00
Weight: 38 g
Dimensions: 83 mm × 57 mm × 24 mm