High-Q Audio

High Quality Audio circuits .

  • Streaming Audio projects with Airplay, DLNA, UPnP support.
  • Licensed audio modules with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity .
  • Optimal sound for best user experience.
  • Custom options available.
  • Circuit features:
    • I2S and DSD audio support.
    • Single or dual top notch DAC.
    • Unique hardware copy protection.



PIC32 microcontroller circuits .

  • 32-bit architecture for fast code execution.
  • Fast, reliable and very versatile Microchip PIC family.
  • TCP-IP functionality: webserver, mail, NTP, ModBus, etc.
  • Network settings via secured webform.
  • Circuit features:
    • USB Host bootloader for fast customer updates.
    • Unique hardware copy protection.
    • EERAM for critical data storage: unlimited non-volatile memory writes.


EcoSense ES-1


Breakout Sensor Board.

  • Includes a digital Temperature and Humidity sensor SHT21.
  • Optional Digital 3-axis accelerometer MMA8652FC with 2 programmable interrupts.
  • +3v3 low power supply and I2C interface through a 6-wire SIL connector, pitch 0.1"


Price: €25,00

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