USB Host Player


USB Host Module for MP3, WMA and AAC

Plays audio from a USB stick and/or Micro SDHC card. Digital audio outputs I2S and optical S/PDIF. Master (stand-alone) or slave (needs external controller) versions available.

Price: €75,00

Remote Control

Something we all use during the day: remote controls are everywhere: media devices, domotics and security appliances.

So far, we have built up some considerable amount of experience using low power setups in IR and RF approaches.

An overview of recent custom developments in this field:

RaspBerry Pi

The RaspBerry Pi is really an excellent opportunity to experiment with all kinds of hardware, controlled by a Linux operating system.

We plan to dig deeper into this and see what practical uses there are for business applications.

FM RDS tuner

A good quality FM tuner chip is hard to find nowadays!

Previous used chips for portable applications include TDA7021, TEA5768, Si4731. These are not well for suited high-end solutions.